Braun CHW Trainig School

On the western tip of Braun Memorial Hospital you can find the Braun Community Health Worker (CHW) Training School. It is one of the Lutheran Institution under the umbrella of the Churches Medical Council (CMC) of Papua New Guinea (PNG), funded by the National Department of Health.
Since our institution was established around 1970s it is one of the pioneers nursing schools in the country. We base our training on the National Training Curriculum that focuses on the Competent Base Training Program. Students from all over PNG are trained in our school. 

Most of the Students come from the remote parts of PNG. Their communities themselves do the recommendations of the Grade ten, eleven and twelve dropouts to come, to do their two years certificate in the Community Health Worker Program. After their graduation they  are sent back to their respective areas, where they serve their own people as Community Health Workers.

For those how are not sent by their communities the schools good reputation helps them to find a job with the government, with NGOs or in the private sector.

The Institute is staffed by our Principal, the Deputy Principal, four Tutors and the ancillary staff of two (cook and typist). Our annual master plan is drawn up and each Tutor is roosted to teach various Modules accordingly their specifications. We have midwifes teaching Obstetrics and gynaecology modules, the Reproductive System and the related Diseases, the Environmental Officer is teaching the Environmental modules, Disease Control Officer is teaching about the control of Disease like TB, AIDS and STI´s. In Health Education our students will be toughed in Health Promotion, Basic Anatomy, the Physiology and the basic Aid Post Management, including the reporting and the communication aspects.

There are two components of the training we focus on:

The first one is to teach the theory to create a basic knowledge among our students. 

The second focus is practical training. We want them to practice what we teach them, therefore our students are sent to remote Hospitals, Health Centres and Aid Posts, to obtain their skills. The practical can be held at government or church facilities, the staff of this places assist our students and help them to become skillful CHWs.

The enrol students have to pay school fees: the accepted students pay Kina 2220/year and the self sponsors pay Kina 4420/year.

We provide units for our students. A new building is planed but due to shortfall in payment delayed. 

The 23 students we accepted in 2011 will be trained in the different modules our school provides and the challenging practical training in the remote facilities, they will not only be well trained in medical interests, they will also gain a lot of experiences in their practicals, which will help them to serve their own places with confidence. Our Graduates will also work in the field of the development in the communities they work in. And because they will be sent back to their own places, it is easier for them to spread their knowledge, as they know the local languages and the attitude of their communities. 

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