Medical Treatment has a long tradition in Finschhafen District. 

The first Lutheran Mission Station in Papua New Guinea was errected at Simbang in 1886 by the Bavarian Johann Flierl, just a stone's throw form the place where Braun Memorial is located today. The first medical-trained arrived in the early 20th century.

In 1911 the first hospital was build. Immanuel Hospital was set up by Johann Stoesser, for the treatment of the increasing number of Missionaries but locals were treated as well.

Helsbach Hospital treated patience since 1915 and is used today as an aidpost.

During the Second World War the American Army established a military hospital alongsite their airport in Finschhafen District. After the war it became a civil hospital and was as Buangi Hospital the general hospital for the area. Due to rationalisation and a lack of maintenace it was shut down in the 1970s and the Chest Hospital, a tuberculosis-clinic opened in 1958 was transformed into the general hospital that today is known as Braun Memorial Hospital.   

Chest Hospital 1965
Braun Memrial Hospital 2009