Primary Health Care

Braun Memorial focuses on Primary Health Care to provide a better health care for all the people in its commuter belt.

The Hospital Staff is trying hard achieve improvements in all the five areas that the World Health Organisation has identified as key element achieve the goal of better health care for all.

The identified key elements are: 
  • reducing exclusion and social disparities in health (universal coverage reforms);
  • organizing health services around people's needs and expectations (service delivery reforms);
  • integrating health into all sectors (public policy reforms);
  • pursuing collaborative models of policy dialogue (leadership reforms); and
  • increasing stakeholder participation.

To accredit the importance of Primary Health Care the hospital employs a PHC Supervisor to coordinate the PHC activities and make them as effective as possible.

Part of the PHC setting is the Family Health Team, which was formerly known as Maternal Child Health (MCH).

The team of four Primary Health Care Officers is patrolling Finschhafen District from Monday to Friday. To reach the most remote places in the district the Patrol walks through to places without road connection and uses boats to reach the communities on islands and o the coast. Some of the places that the Patrol reaches, don't have aid posts or any other health facilities, for these people the Patrol is the only possibility to get health services.         
Apart from the ordinary medical treatment immunization (TB, missiles, polio, tetanus), speeches about health and family planning are major jobs for our patrol. Although our patrol is quite effective we would like to increase our outreaches to the very remote areas soon, by sending out two teams.

Braun Memorial Hospital also hires a PHC training center.     

An increase in general health can be a possibility to reduce the number of patients in our curative section.