Braun Memorial Hospital is named after the American  Dr. Theodor Braun, who worked from 1930 to 1972 as a doctor in the Finschhafen District and throughout Papua New Guinea. It was first opened in 1974 as Braun Health Care Centre.

It follows a long tradition of health care in Finschhafen, that begun in the early 20th century when the first hospital was build by Lutheran missionaries from Bavaria following Johann Flierl who, in 1886, set up the first Lutheran mission station in Papua New Guinea in Finschhafen District.

Besides Gaubin Hospital in Karkar, Yagaum Hospital in Madang, and Etep Hospital in Ukata District, Braun Memorial Hospital is one the four hospitals of the Lutheran Health Service (LHS), a division of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea. 

The ground of the seven-ward hospital stretches out over an area of 5 square kilometer.

 Every ward is specialized on the treatment of a particular group of patients. Apart from gender-specific sections, there are wards for antenatal care, for children and for patients suffering tuberculosis. The wards accommodates beds for around 20 patients and is staffed by a doctor and a nursing staff of five. On the gender-specific and children wards all kinds of sufferings are treated. 

In addition to the curative section, Primary Health Care is used by the hospital. To provide better health care for all the inhabitants of its catchment area the afford in this area was successfully increased in the last years.

 For the transport of patients the hospital runs a special-equipped Ambulance.

The hospital is powered by the nearby Gagidu Power Station; in times of maintenance or black-outs the hospital generator supplies the power for the hospital. 

Caring relatives of our patients are welcome on the hospital ground, as long as their relatives are patients of the hospital they can stay with them. The hospital provides facilities for cooking and hygiene for them. 

Other facilties on the hospital ground are:

Hospital Morgue
Boiler Room
Operation Theatre
Consultancy Clinic
Disease Control
Primary Health Care
Eye Clinic
General Out Patients Clinic
Sterilization Room
Hospital Kitchen

The Hospital is staffed by:

  • 1 national doctor, 3 overseas doctors and 1-2 Residential Medical Officers
  • 17 nursing officers (including 4 specialised)
  • 20 Community Health Worker
  • 5 paramedical officers (X-Ray, Anaesthetic technician, pharmacist, laboratory technician) 
  • 18 in non-medical sections such as administration and ancillary staff. 

In the beautiful surrounding of the pacific ocean, the Mape River and the Butaweng River the staff is accomodated in 55 staff residental houses, including units for single men and women.

Patient numbers in 2010

Outpatient consultations:                   11311
Inpatient admission:                           2201

Braun Memorial achived a tuberculosis cure rate of 71% in 2010 and approxemetly achived 80% in 2011. 

Hospital Fees

Patient from FISKA*
K  15.00
K  25.00
K  1.00
K  5.00
K  2.00
K  10.00
Ultrasound scan
K  2.00
K  10.00
Major Operation
K  20.00
K  200.00
Minor Operation
K  10.00
K  60.00
K  5.00
K  20.00
K  2.00
K  4.00
K  1.00
K  3.00
Fighting Fee
K  100.00
K  100.00
Hospital Fighting Fee
K  100.00
K  100.00
Medical Report
K  60.00
K  60.00

Major Operation
Minor Operation
Appendectomy, Hysterectomy, LSCS, Cholecyslectomy, Ulstones, Prostactomy, Inscisional Hernia, Lepratomy, Intestinal Obstruction, Spleenectomy, Eclopic Pregnancy, Mastactomy, Amputation, Ovarian Cyst  
Skin graft, biopsy, I&D, laceration suture, open reduction, hipstones, warts cysts lipoma cervical, polys keloid, SPC, epigastric hernia, D&C, retained placenta manual removal, mini-lap, hydrocete, haernorroids/piles, thiersch-suture, digornpulation, cleft-lip mouth cancer, tendon repair, removal of foreign bodies